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Boost your Leads with Legal Service Email List

Legal Services Mailing List (1)

Are you searching for a way to promote your business to people in the Legal Services industry or the Legal Service professionals? Our Legal Services Mailing List is a compilation of complete marketing information to reach your prospects via telephone, email or mail.  We provide you with targeted contacts and Legal Service Professionals mailing list to boost your e-mail campaign ROI. Continue reading “Boost your Leads with Legal Service Email List”


How to Grow your Email List Using Social Media


You have an email list that’s a valuable asset to your business. You’re doing a great job sending out targeted, engaging email campaigns that elicit clicks, purchases or shares. You’re also active on social media with a healthy following on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But, across the social platforms, you’re not seeing the same ROI that you get from email. So, you ask yourself the question of the day: Continue reading “How to Grow your Email List Using Social Media”

The Business (and Legality) of Buying and Selling Email Lists

business-mailing-listsChances are, Cyber Monday (and the days leading up to it) was a busy day for your inbox. Many retailers and brands took the major online shopping day as an opportunity to inform consumers of the deals they were offering, which resulted in a huge array of emails. Not too long ago, we told you about the legality – or better yet, the illegality – of spam emails, unsolicited emails, usually sent to large numbers of people at once. Continue reading “The Business (and Legality) of Buying and Selling Email Lists”

How to Improve the Open Rates of Your Marketing Emails

1. The art and craft of the subject line

A well-crafted subject line is the best way to ensure your message gets across. What calls to action entice you to open an e-mail? You’ll find a relevant, compelling subject line at the top of the list. Ways to craft a great subject line include:


Take the time to write your subject line instead of adding it right before clicking send.

If your e-mail service provider has the service, try A/B testing to determine which different subject lines work best for your audience. Continue reading “How to Improve the Open Rates of Your Marketing Emails”

To Help Lead Process, B2Bs Must Deal with ‘Dirty’ Data

Are business-to-business (B2B) marketers wasting time and energy on “dirty” contact data-points-how-b2b-marketers-can-tackle-dirty-datalists? Based on recent research, the majority are. In March 2015 polling by B2B demand generation agency Spear Marketing Group, 54% of US B2B marketing executives estimated that over 25% of their marketing database included old, inaccurate, unusable or duplicate leads. As such, the majority described the current accuracy of their data as “fair,” or worse, straight-up “bad.” Continue reading “To Help Lead Process, B2Bs Must Deal with ‘Dirty’ Data”


One of a small business’s best marketing benefits is a strong email list. As a marketer, it’s your job to make sure you’re continually adding fresh contacts to your email marketing email-list-buildingcampaigns so you can keep your numbers moving up and to the right. A necessary element of victorious email marketing campaign is a list of email addresses of people who are really interested in accepting the emails from the company or organization.  Continue reading “5 SIMPLE EFFECTIVE TACTICS FOR BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST”

How to grow your Business Using the B2B Contacts

In this age of social sharing and almost limitless choices for buyers, B2B firms need to continuously provide value beyond the sale. To lead a successful content marketing imagesprogram, you need stakeholders and executives to understand exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. There is a tough competition within the B2B world, as businesses face hard -hitting challenges each day while marketing their goods and services to other businesses worldwide. Continue reading “How to grow your Business Using the B2B Contacts”