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Why 2017 is the Year of Email Marketing

email-marketing list.jpgIf you’re in online marketing, you’ve likely heard the news…More than 50% of your visitors are now coming from mobile. That’s half of all of your visitors.  Meaning that they are browsing your site from their phones. And that trend is only going to increase. So, it makes sense that Google has recently announced some big changes.  Continue reading “Why 2017 is the Year of Email Marketing”


13 Ways Direct Mail Works Best

Direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool. When executed correctly you can see a download (22)great return on your investment. Usually we focus on what not to do since there are so many pitfalls with direct mail. However, this time we will show you how and when direct mail works best. Continue reading “13 Ways Direct Mail Works Best”

Direct Mailing Lists Are At The Heart Of Every Successful Direct Marketing Campaign

Differentiation is to help make solution to business success, and a plenty of businesses download (19)use their marketing—adding their direct mail marketing that differentiation. Direct marketing holds different approaches in which the producer of goods or services directly contacts the end-user. Continue reading “Direct Mailing Lists Are At The Heart Of Every Successful Direct Marketing Campaign”

3 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Maps Great

Maps are a pretty common element in direct mail. Whether it’s an insurance agent Direct-Mail-is-not-email-300x300looking for leads, or a retail brick-and-mortar store trying to create traffic, maps can provide a lot of information quickly to a customer. But the effectiveness of those maps — how well they do their jobs — varies widely based on the mail I see every day. Continue reading “3 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Maps Great”

5 Reasons To Choose Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mailing lists are at the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign.  As many companies looks for new ways to reach customers and prospects, traditional marketing approaches like direct mail campaigns are often exchange with online advertisements and other technology-based techniques. Direct Mail Marketing can be an easy yet strong way to get your information directly to your target customers. Continue reading “5 Reasons To Choose Direct Mail Marketing”