Email List Building and Marketing Profits

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahkaaaajdzjodfiyzljlwnlztytndbjzs1imdfhltk3yzhmntnlmgnjnq-1If you are doing email marketing, you must already know that you should build an email list. Money is on the list as email marketing gurus love to say. And it’s true. But there is a remark: you have to build your email list and send to your email list the right way, or it won’t give you any profit.

How do you do that? What is the “right” way to build and send to the list so that it pays off for you in prospect? That is what we will talk about in this article.

Building Email List The Right Way

Before you can send marketing emails, you must have an email list. There are multiple methods to build up an email list. Let’s talk about the most common list building methods in order from the worst one to the best one.

  1. Purchase Or Rent A List

Some marketers do not want to spend time for list building and they buy or rent a list. There are some big problems with a rented or purchased list though.

Firstly, how do you know if those email addresses are valid and checked by the users? You can use an email verifier tool to check your list but it won’t tell you whether or not your list contains spam traps. Spam traps are always reported as good emails. That is the problem. If you are serious about email marketing, you must avoid getting spam traps on your list by all means. The consequences of hitting a spam trap account, especially if it’s a true spam trap (setup by an ISP or anti-spam organization specially to catch spammers), are heavy.

Secondly, how do you know if those people actually subscribed to receive marketing emails? You can only trust the selling company but you can never know that for sure. Even if those people subscribed, they did not subscribe to YOUR emails and they did not give YOU the permission to email them.

Thirdly, even if all of the emails are verified as good, active email addresses, and confirmed as subscribed, how many people do you think are going to buy something from you? Put yourself into their shoes. Would you buy from somebody you have never heard of? I bet you wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t. And other people are like you and me.

Anyway, renting or purchasing a list is a bad idea. It seems like a quick way to get started, but again it’s a bad idea. In either case, you will be sending SPAM. It’s illegal in a lot of countries, and it’s not very effective. It’s still very popular (your spam folder proves that), but not effective. All it will lead to is a lot of trouble.

  1. Ask To Opt-In

For most beginners in email marketing, this is the best way to build up a list. To motivate people to join your list, give them something valuable for free in exchange for giving you the permission to send them emails.

A confirmed opt-in method when the subscribers have to confirm their subscription is better than a single opt-in method because it excludes invalid addresses and collects only the subscribers who are interested in your offer and subscribed deliberately.

The subscription method makes sense. People who joined your list are targeted – they subscribed to get the information on a certain topic so you know they are interested in that topic. You are protected legally because you have their consent to email them.

The downside of the opt-in method is that you get a lot of freebie seekers. They want what you are giving for free, but may not be interested in buying anything. And some marketers don’t use an opt-in list building method because it does not bring a lot of subscribers quickly. However, the majority realize that this method is the best one as it allows to build up a quality targeted list of subscribers and protects the marketer legally.

According to MarketingSherpa’s “Email Marketing Benchmark Survey” in 2013, “17% of marketers describe their list growth as very positive, growing rapidly. 50% describe it as somewhat positive, growing slowly.”

Besides that, it’s a great way to get started with list building. If you already have a web site powered by WordPress, you can quickly organize the confirmed opt-in process with the free WPNewsman newsletter plugin. Just install WPNewsman and put the subscription widget to the side bar. If you have some offer for your subscribers, you can send the download link in the welcome message they will receive after confirming their subscription.

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