The 7 Emails You Need to Be Sending Your Mailing List

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If you don’t have these seven vital emails in your email marketing repertoire, you’re missing opportunities. Learn more inside! Email marketing is far from dead. When done right, email marketing can make it 50 percent more likely that you will make a sale.

But getting someone to subscribe to your list is only half the battle.

Keeping them on your list and nurturing them like a young plant is how to convert a customer into a fan and a fan into a brand loyalist.

These seven emails should form a vital part of your list management techniques.

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  1. The Welcome Email

The welcome email is the first introduction to your list. Ignoring the double opt-in email for a moment, the welcome email is what your subscribers will get when their subscription has been approved.

This is where you have to make your mark. Forget about a long and complex email at this stage. What you really should be doing is reiterating how grateful you are and what the person can expect from your list.

It may seem like you are just recounting the same information again, but it’s important.

  1. The Tools Email

Now you’ve outlined expectations, you need to start giving back. You’ve already gained something of value (the subscriber) so now you have to start repaying them. This can happen with the tools email.

Help your target audience achieve a goal. Show them the silver bullets that will help them get somewhere. Use affiliate internal linking to direct people to products you recommend.

  1. The Interaction Email

A list should be about interaction. You need to give your new friend the chance to respond to you.

A few weeks into the relationship, send them an email asking them what they want to hear about. Ask them about a problem they are having. Ask them how you can help.

Many bloggers are afraid to ask because they are scared of being accused of spam. But remember that people subscribed to your list because they want to hear from you.

  1. Who are You? Email

Following on from the theme of the last email, you need to start finding out more about your subscribers. This will be useful for your future marketing campaigns, but for now it’s about building that relationship.

Ask subscribers to tell you a little bit about themselves. Don’t ask for private information. Do it in the same way you would ask for information from a friend. It’s really that easy.

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  1. The I Need a Favor Email

Once you have built rapport with your subscribers, it’s time to use them for what you wanted them for in the first place.

Send them an email about needing a product review or recommendations or feedback or just whatever you need.

Most of your subscribers will be happy to oblige because this is what they signed up for. They want to see one of their favorite brands succeed.

Don’t ask too often, though.

  1. Here’s a Freebie Email

Now it’s time to give something back. You may have already offered a freebie for people to sign up for your email list in the first place.

But everyone loves surprises, so it’s time to send them a freebie out of nowhere.

Make sure it’s something useful. It may be a free ebook, a webinar, or you may provide an early insight into one of your latest products.

This will give your list that “feel good” feeling.

  1. Exclusive Content Email

Nobody is going to sign up to your email list if all you’re going to give them is the same content they can find on your website, or various social media streams.

And the argument that it’s more convenient to get it by email isn’t going to fly.

You need to provide exclusive list content. This is going to increase your retention rates because people know they are getting something extra.

The exclusive content email should be one of your more common ones. It should be one of the primary draws to signing up to your list in the first place.

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Play it by Ear

These are just seven of the emails that should be going to every list. The frequency of each email and when you first introduce them to your email sequence depends entirely on your target audience. You have to make that decision.

There will be a lot of experimentation involved with crafting the perfect email sequence.

Play around with and track your open and click rates. Only through constant testing will you know whether you’re doing things right.

How will you start your email sequence right now?

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