Month: January 2017

How To Measure Your Email Marketing Success For Your Business


Although social media is the most buzzed about marketing platform, email is still the most useful channel for small businesses that are looking to connect with consumers. Email still generates a higher ROI than social media and is nearly 40 percent more effective at customer acquisition.  Continue reading “How To Measure Your Email Marketing Success For Your Business”


How to Grow your Email List Using Social Media


You have an email list that’s a valuable asset to your business. You’re doing a great job sending out targeted, engaging email campaigns that elicit clicks, purchases or shares. You’re also active on social media with a healthy following on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But, across the social platforms, you’re not seeing the same ROI that you get from email. So, you ask yourself the question of the day: Continue reading “How to Grow your Email List Using Social Media”

Why 2017 is the Year of Email Marketing

email-marketing list.jpgIf you’re in online marketing, you’ve likely heard the news…More than 50% of your visitors are now coming from mobile. That’s half of all of your visitors.  Meaning that they are browsing your site from their phones. And that trend is only going to increase. So, it makes sense that Google has recently announced some big changes.  Continue reading “Why 2017 is the Year of Email Marketing”

The Business (and Legality) of Buying and Selling Email Lists

business-mailing-listsChances are, Cyber Monday (and the days leading up to it) was a busy day for your inbox. Many retailers and brands took the major online shopping day as an opportunity to inform consumers of the deals they were offering, which resulted in a huge array of emails. Not too long ago, we told you about the legality – or better yet, the illegality – of spam emails, unsolicited emails, usually sent to large numbers of people at once. Continue reading “The Business (and Legality) of Buying and Selling Email Lists”

How to improve the B2B sales funnel with email marketing

effective-email-marketing.jpgDo you work in B2B and want to jump-start the way you gain customers? Email marketing is just what you need. It’s one of the most simple and effective tools for building business relationships. A well-designed strategy can make it possible for you to react to customer behaviour at every step in the B2B sales funnel. Continue reading “How to improve the B2B sales funnel with email marketing”