Month: April 2016

The comprehensive list of Email marketing No-No’s

download (5).jpgThe comprehensive list of Email marketing No-No’s. The tactics, antics and (un)written law breaking behavior to avoid. Do you know your email marketing No-No’s?If you notice any Email marketing No-No’s I missed, let me know! I will continue to update this list so everyone can use it as a reference. Continue reading “The comprehensive list of Email marketing No-No’s”


Get More Emails: 10 Tips on How to Grow Your List

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Once you understand the effectiveness of email marketing, a key goal should be to get more emails. The more email addresses you accumulate, the more customers you will reach and the more revenues you will generate. Continue reading “Get More Emails: 10 Tips on How to Grow Your List”

Don’t Forget About “H2H” in Email Marketing

Email-Marketing11.jpgEveryone talks about B2B and B2C when talking about marketing campaigns. And while these distinctions are still important, we can’t forget about the “human to human” (or H2H) component of marketing. However, it seems like many marketers have. Today’s marketers are rushing to talk about analytics, mobile applications, or customer journeys. But in all of these strategies, what Continue reading “Don’t Forget About “H2H” in Email Marketing”

How to Build Responsive Mailing List and Why List Building is So Important for Your Business Success


You images (9).jpgprobably heard about squeeze pages, landing pages that are designed specifically for collecting subscribers. Believe it or not, but you don’t necessarily have to have a fancy squeeze page, you don’t have to have anything complicated as your blog, your site even as it stands has huge potential to build a list for you.You just have to convince Continue reading “How to Build Responsive Mailing List and Why List Building is So Important for Your Business Success”

Stay Engaged With Your Buyers With Triggered Email Messaging

download (3)What is the single best time to interact with your customers? Right after they’ve interacted with you. Triggered email marketing campaigns can generate open rates 30 percent to 50 percenthigher than open rates for traditional email campaigns. If you’re not already using behavior-specific emails as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re likely missing some giant opportunities. Continue reading “Stay Engaged With Your Buyers With Triggered Email Messaging”

Why Every Business Needs To Be Collecting Email Addresses

newly_acquired_email_addresses-1If you do business in the online or the offline space, then you need to start collecting email addresses. With all of the marketing channels available email, has stood the test of time when it comes to building customer relationships. When it comes to doing business online your email list can be your biggest ally. A lot of business owners focus on page views, or building a social media following, instead of building their lists and talking to their email subscribers. Continue reading “Why Every Business Needs To Be Collecting Email Addresses”

Your Email Optimization Strategy for Maximum ROI

Email-Marketing-ServiceJust because your email campaigns are doing well doesn’t mean they couldn’t be doing better. There are plenty of opportunities for fine-tuning your strategy to help increase opens, clicks and conversions. Your ultimate goal? To do more of the things that work, fix or eliminate the things that don’t work and drive the most revenue possible from your email marketing activities. Continue reading “Your Email Optimization Strategy for Maximum ROI”