Averickmedia Publicize Best Business Mailing Lists

Averickmedia has access to a one of the most comprehensive Business (B2B) Data sets available – encompassing 90% of all businesses. With information maintained on email-marketing4Address, Telephone Number, Contact Names, Email Addresses, Number of Employees plus much more on over 37 million US Businesses, we are capable of providing the most accurate data for your campaigns. These business lists contain over 1600 industry descriptions to find your best prospects.

The direct mail reply rate is one of the most usual questions we get from clients interested in trying direct mail.  Averickmedia is providing Higher campaign response and conversion rates. Understandably, it is censorious to your beginning planning and supposition. The response rate is the simplest, most common form of measuring the results of a direct mail program. The response rate reflects the percentage of people who respond to a mailing.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

Get Free Email Append Test from AverickMedia

Averivkmedia helps improve close rates and boost sales by identifying which metrics are important and flagging opportunities for improvement. Then it’s also providing good service to Increase in marketing ROI. Return on marketing investment (ROMI) is a metric used to measure the overall effectiveness of a marketing campaign to help marketers make better decisions about allocating future investments.

Get the data and insight you need for successful marketing..

  • Over 37 Million verified Contacts with emails.
  • Updated real time and sourced by our team of 190 data specialists.
  • 36 Data Points offered for each record including Email.
  • Unlimited-use for 12 Months and no minimum orders.
  • Priced Well Below industry with no additional contact or usage fee.

Accurate targeting & High quality data: By working with reliable sources we can ensure data accuracy, enhancing responsiveness.

Target campaigns using effective segmentation: Targeted marketing by identifying your buyer Personas with similar properties and or behavior.

1 year usage license with free updates:  Use our data for 12 months with no limitations.  All with simple, affordable pricing.

Averickmedia delivers role-based contact lists based on your own customized parameters. Define your target list by geographies, role descriptors, titles, industry verticals; SIC codes, specific company focus or a subset of criteria. When you purchase a role-based, custom list of business leads from averickmedia, we guarantee that every contact is the right buyer you are looking for and all of their contact information is 100% accurate.



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